The most frequently asked IOBE questions:

When will the documentary be finished / released?

This depends on a number of things. Documentaries can take years to complete, and this one is still in pre-production. Our initial fundraiser was successful and our research has been thorough, but we haven’t started shooting any interviews yet (currently aiming to begin in June of 2022). Though as we mentioned in the “Risks and Challenges” on our Kickstarter campaign page, a variety of factors could change our plans at any time.

All of that being said, we will do our best to provide regular updates and estimates on every aspect of this project! We can’t make any guarantees, but as soon as we know, you’ll know.

(Last updated: 12/17/2021)

Do you need help making the documentary? How can we get involved?

Thank you! Any film project of this size involves a ton of effort from a ton of people. We’re looking for help on all sorts of things, from getting connected with potential interviewees to production on the film itself. We may not be able to include everyone who volunteers, but we’ll at least add you to our list of contacts.

If you have skills or connections you’d like to contribute, you can email us at [email protected] and we’ll get right on back to you!

(Last updated: 05/26/2021)

Will the documentary be a direct adaptation of Justin Lloyd's book?

The short answer is “no.” Films and books are two different mediums, and adaptations are always different.

There are things that books can do that a film cannot. Some parts of the Ernest / Jim Varney story don’t have any corresponding visual record, and those are the kinds of topics better suited to the written word.

On the other hand, there is a TON of footage of Ernest and Jim that we’re excited to get to share with an audience. And as Justin put it, “Something visual can form an even greater connection to an audience than a book can. I’m hoping the interviews really demonstrate the emotional connection that people had to Jim.”

(Last updated: 06/22/2021)

How long will the documentary be? 30 minutes? 90 minutes? 6 hours?

Feature-length (90 minutes) at minimum seems like a safe bet. We know this story has a lot of depth and things we’d like to cover, but to be honest, we’re not yet sure how long the film will be. And yes, this is another detail that will depend on how much money we raise.

We also haven’t solidified our distribution plans yet; instead choosing to focus on telling the story we want to tell the way we want to tell it. So, where the film ends up being shown may impact its running time as well.

(Last updated: 06/22/2021)

Was the Kickstarter campaign the only place to get a physical copy of the IOBE documentary, or will it also be available at online / retail stores later on?

As of right now, the Kickstarter campaign was the only place we made physical copies of the film available.

Whether the film ends up for sale elsewhere in the future will depend on—you guessed it—how much money we raise, as well as where and how the film gets picked up for distribution.

(Last updated: 12/17/2021)

I know David Pagano from his animation work. Is there going to be animation in the documentary?

Our main priority is being able to tell Jim and Ernest’s story in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way possible. Animation, on the other hand, is time-consuming and very expensive—even more so than live-action.

That being said, we’re not ruling out anything as we develop and produce this film! Animation was a part of the Ernest franchise aesthetic, and it could definitely help elevate the visual look of our documentary. As with many of our other challenges, it’ll all depend on how much money we raise.

(Last updated: 12/17/2021)

Who's going to be playing Jim Varney in the film?

This is a documentary film, not a biopic, so all of Jim’s appearances in the archival / file footage will be played by… Jim Varney.

(Last updated: 06/22/2021)

I want to support the documentary, but I don't have the money right now. Will there be other opportunities to donate in the future?

Yes! Even though our initial fundraising campaign ended, there will certainly be other ways folks can help the documentary in the future. Many people expressed similar sentiments when our Kickstarter campaign launched: they wanted to support the project, but the timing just wasn’t right for them.

We’ll have more information on this coming soon!

(Last updated: 12/17/2021)

I supported the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, but I never received a campaign survey. Where do I send my address and other information?

We haven’t sent out campaign surveys yet. We needed to decide on a pledge management service first, and after careful consideration, we’ve decided to go with BackerKit for our IOBE reward fulfillment. You can expect to receive a campaign survey in early 2022.

(Last updated: 12/21/2021)

When can we expect the physical Kickstarter rewards to be shipped?

The physical rewards shipments require the campaign surveys to be completed first. Once the surveys are sent out, we’ll have a more up-to-date estimate for shipping.

(Last updated: 12/21/2021)